Saturday, 25 May 2013

Candle Lanterns

Here is a simple and non expensive way to build your own outdoor deck lanterns
This will bring a natural and relaxing mood for your guests while they are chilling in your backyard.

So here it is:
1. Save some glass jars. Size doesn't matter as long it is easy to place floating candles inside.
2. Get a few feet of string, at least 1/16 in thick.
3. Wrap the string around each jar several times in a random pattern by leaving some gaps between each turn. Tight enough so it doesn't move up and down the jar. Secure both ends of the string. You can tie one end to the head of the jar and the other can be taped at the bottom.
4. Using Green paint from a spray can hold the can at least 1 foot away from the jar and spray evenly around the outside surface of the jar on top of the wrapped string.
5. Let the paint dry and remove the string.
6. Fill the jars half way with water and insert floating candles inside.
7. Light the candles using either a lighter with a long tube or a BBQ wooden stick.
8. The result is a magical glow impressing your guests and neighbors.

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