Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Outdoor Furniture "DIY Style"

Last summer we were fed up not having enough seats to accommodate guests for our barbeque parties. All the patio furniture available at local stores just did not please us in terms of price for what you get.
We were lucky enough to have some wood pallets lying around the backyard and a little bit of creativity to come up with a simple but cool concept for our outdoor furniture.

 All it took is:
1. Three wood pallets
2. Wood paint (we bought the combo kind so there was no need for primer) and a brush.
3.  Some pillows purchased at cost price and sewn together at  their corners.
4.  One to two hours of time.

And Voila!

P.S. Have you noticed the green jars? Our next blog coming up will demonstrate how to make your own lanterns.
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